The real estate environment has shifted and more than ever it is critical to show your financial strength when entering the real estate marketplace. Before beginning a project or submitting an offer, it is crucial to know if your objectives are possible. By working with a lender broker first, you will understand your capabilities and determine the boundaries that lie ahead.

Mortgage brokers can not only help you with your financial plan of action, but they can offer you a competitive edge. Taking the time to get qualified is worth the effort and allows the lender broker to supply you with a qualification letter. This documentation, along with proof of funds, provides assurance to a property owner that the competition may not have considered. This could mean the difference between offer acceptance and rejection – ultimately money in your pocket.

At W REALTORS®, we encourage everyone to get qualified so we can represent or present you with conviction. Please feel free to contact us for recommendations or visit Preferred Vendors page under the Resources tab located on this site.